Aeronautical components are unique due to their applications. Most of the parts are made with thinner materials of higher strength, components have complex geometry with integrated functions, made of costly advanced materials. This uniqueness calls for specialised and custom-built packaging. Meanwhile, the quick turnaround needed to calibrate and maintain the parts are need of the hour. Therefore, packaging materials which are flexible, easy to assemble, ability to give appropriate protection during air shipping mode are ideal packaging materials for the Aeronautical Industry. Total Packaging solutions is in a position to offer a wide array of flexible and custom- built packaging materials & solutions for cushioning, surface protection, blocking & bracing of complex aeronautical parts.


Total Packaging Solutions strive to achieve the efficiency of Indian farmers. Accordingly, we have entered into manufacturing Mulch films and crop covers of varying sizes specific to various crops. Mulch films are used to modify soil temperature, control weed growth, reduce water vaporisation and improve crop yield. Total Packaging Solutions is the largest manufacturer of quality mulch films in Tamil Nādu. Our scope of supply includes mulch films of different colours, sizes and thicknesses.


The components of the Engineering Industry come in all shapes and sizes of varying fragilities. There are two-fold packaging applications, one for in-house shipping & storage and the secondly for shipment purposes. This calls for blocking & positioning during in-house shipment and surface protection during storage and cushioning protection during shipment. Total Packaging Solutions is the one-stop solution for all types of packaging materials and solutions. We offer returnable packaging, primary packaging, secondary packaging as well as tertiary/ancillary packaging materials. Our in-house design team is experienced to offer the appropriate packaging solutions to every packaging need of the Industry.


The main objectives of electronic packaging are the protection of electronic components while shipping, protection from moisture, protect electromagnetic interferences such as antistatic/ESDs. The components are more fragile, weak in structure and lesser weight. Hence the packaging materials being used should be flexible, and provide antistatic protection as well as proper blocking & cushioning during transport. Total Packaging Solutions offers antistatic and ESD sensitive, moisture resistant surface protection as well as cushioning products to the Industry. The returnable packaging is ideal for in-house storage and shipping of electronic components.


There are two main packaging applications for Automotive Industry. The individual parts are packed for after-sales service needs and the in-house assembly needs as well as for OEM shipment purposes, the returnable packaging is preferred. The components ranges are wide, say, light components such as dashboards and heavier components including engine parts. This necessitates the requirement of different packaging materials for the right packaging needs. The packaging needs are cushioning, and surface protection as well as blocking purposes. Total packaging solutions come in handy in working closely with the user industry to design and recommend the right packaging materials which are custom fabricated EPE cushions, air bubble bags, Returnable packaging, a wide variety of carton boxes etc.,


Total Packaging Solutions is one of the prominent manufacturers in Chennai of PP- Polypropylene woven fabric bags. We cater to various food industries to pack spices, rice, sugar, cattle feed etc., We provide quality packaging solutions as per specifications, dimensions and weights. We offer Food grade materials as per the needs of the industry. We have full-fledged carton box units capable of supplying custom-built boxes such as Pizza boxes to catering units.

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