Different Types Of Wooden Pallets Used In Packaging Industry

In the packaging industry, wooden pallets have become an integral part that serves as an efficient and safe transport choice for goods across the globe. These wooden pallets are versatile options for various goods transportation and meet specific requirements and needs. Hence, this blog will explore various types of wooden pallets offered by Total Packaging Solutions and the most common types used in the industry. 

Pine Wood Pallets

The wooden pallets made of Pinewood are an ideal option for the wooden pallet manufacturers in Chennai due to their cost-efficiency and availability. These woods are more lightweight and readily available in many places than hardwoods. In addition, these woods can be easily cut into desired shapes and sizes. While less robust than hardwoods, these pallets still offer an excellent load-bearing capacity, suitable for various applications.

Hence, they are commonly used in industries where lightweight to moderately heavy goods are transported, such as retail, textiles, and electronics.

Rubber Wood Pallets

Rubber wood, also known as Hevea wood, is gaining popularity in the packaging industry due to its unique properties. Rubber wood is a byproduct of the latex-producing rubber tree, which means it’s a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. Rubber wood is denser than Pinewood, providing higher load-bearing capacity while still relatively lightweight. Rubber wood has natural shock-absorbing properties, which makes it suitable for fragile or delicate cargo. Rubber wood is naturally resistant to pests and decay, increasing the longevity of pallets.

Rubberwood pallets are often preferred in food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics industries due to their hygienic qualities and ability to protect delicate products during transit.

Country Wood Pallets

Country wood, also known as mango or acacia wood, is another contender in the pallet manufacturing arena and preferred by many packaging material manufacturers in Chennai. These woods are known for their durability and hardness, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. Its natural color and texture make it an aesthetically appealing solution for many industries where the pallets are visible to customers. Country wood has a natural resistance to moisture, making it ideal for outdoor and humid environments. Country wood can be easily customized to meet specific design and size requirements.

Country wood pallets are often used in industries dealing with heavy machinery, automotive parts, and construction materials where durability and load-bearing capacity are critical.

How Wooden Pallets Are Designed For Packaging?


Block Pallets:

This design type incorporates a combination of parallel and perpendicular wooden stringers. These pallets typically feature between 4 to 12 robust solid wood or plywood blocks that support the upper deck. With four entry points, block pallets are easy to handle and offer exceptional versatility for transporting various types of cargo.

Decked Pallets:

A decked pallet, commonly called a stringer pallet, typically features two sturdy sides supported by stringers measuring 2×4 or 3×4, positioned between the top and bottom decks. These robust sides can incorporate notches, enabling four-way entry as in double-bridge pallets. Additionally, the bottom can be configured with extra wooden components to mirror the top deck, resulting in a double-decked pallet. Furthermore, the ends of the bottom deck boards can be beveled to facilitate the use of a pallet jack.

Hence, approach Total Packaging Solutions, one of the top corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai, for quality wooden pallets for your product packaging to ensure your goods are transported safely and efficiently.

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