Reasons Why PP Corrugated Plastic Sheet is Used For Bottle Dividers

PP corrugated bottle dividers are made of high-quality polypropylene, with all four sides sealed with PP rods. As polypropylene is more durable, heat-proof, chemical-resistant, and easy to clean than paper, bottle dividers made from PP are in high demand these days.

But is that all PP corrugated plastic sheets have to offer? What exactly made them a great material for bottle dividers? Let’s see in this blog.

Benefits Of PP Corrugated Plastic Sheets For Bottle Dividers

There are several reasons why many companies work with PP corrugated box manufacturers and use PP sheets as bottle dividers. Here’s a list of key benefits of using PP corrugated sheets as bottle dividers that you should know about:

Available In Varied Thickness

As bottles can come in different shapes and sizes, businesses also need bottle dividers with varied thicknesses. For example, if the material of the bottle divider isn’t thick enough and the bottles are heavy and made of glass, the bottles can easily break due to a bumpy ride during transportation.

We, the top corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai, offer corrugated polypropylene plastic sheets with varied thickness. Because of it, the bottle dividers made from our PP sheets can easily hold bottles of different shapes and weights.

Hygienic And Washable

Paper layer pads easily cause contamination due to their fibers and particles. As the paper bottle dividers come into contact with various bottles and containers, the friction between their surfaces can contaminate the bottles by transferring the particulars from one to another.

Additionally, paper is a hygroscopic material by making water-related surface contamination another huge issue.

On the flip side, bottle divider layers of corrugated PP sheets don’t give off fibers. As a result, they are less likely to contaminate the bottles and containers. And even if the containers get soiled, they can be easily purified using high-temperature solutions.

Outstanding Weather Resistant Ability and Stability in Extreme Temperatures

Bottle dividers made of paper layers often absorb moisture, leading them to undergo unfavorable dimensional changes. These changes often decrease their structural strength, making them unable to hold a load of the containers well.

Our corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai deliver PP sheets that are weather resistant, leading them to hold their structural integrity for a long time. They are stable, lightweight, strong, temperature-resistant, and durable. It makes them one of the best materials to manufacture bottle dividers.

Durable And Recyclable

PP sheets are much more durable than paper layers, making them a practical choice for reusing as bottle dividers many times. The average life of these bottle dividers can be counted in years, if not decades.

Other Benefits Of Using PP Corrugated Plastic Sheets As Bottle Dividers

Besides the benefits mentioned above, corrugated PP sheets have many other reasons that make them one of the best materials to use as bottle dividers. Some of the most notable reasons are:

  • PP sheets have a flat and non-slip surface.
  • They are chemical resistant.
  • They are non-toxic, cost-effective, and easy to stock.
  • PP sheets are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

Total Packaging Solutions is in the top list of packaging companies in Chennai that is dedicated to delivering high-quality packaging goods and PP sheets at an affordable price. We have a team of seasoned experts who put all of our manufactured goods through rigorous safety, quality, and durability tests, so we can deliver only the best products. We have a wide range of PP corrugated sheets and boxes that can be used as bottle dividers, packages, and other industrial purposes.

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