Things You Need To Know About Cross linked Polyethylene Foam

Expanded Polyethylene foam is the most popular cushioning material used by various industries for their packaging solutions. Total Packaging Solution being one of the top in the list of packaging companies in Chennai offers you superior quality cross linked polyethylene foam (XLPE) to satisfy the special and unique needs of the business requirements. These cross linked polyethylene foam (XLPE) are closed-cell material and ultra durable making it suitable for various applications such as automotive components, sports equipment, and many more. Hence, in this blog, we will know the essential things you need to know about cross linked polyethylene foam.

Fabrication Of XLPE:

The fabrication process of XLPE includes the extrusion, lamination, and bonding.


It is the foremost step involved in the fabrication of XLPE and the process begins with polyethylene resin blended with various additives such as stabilizers, blowing agents, and crosslinking agents. PP sheet manufacturers use these to enhance the foam’s properties to a great extent.

The next step is where the blended resin is fed into the extruder where it undergoes the melting and heating process. So, the heat in the extruder makes the blended resin to melt for a uniform homogenous mixture. Once the blend resin is formed in the desired mixture it passes through the crosslinking zone which usually contains organic peroxides where a chemical reaction is initiated to form a crosslinking structure. After this, the material enters the die where it expands due to the blowing agent present there giving the foam a desired shape and thickness. As the foam exits the die, it enters the cooling section to get stabilized and solidified.

Lamination & Bonding Process:

The lamination and bonding process is offered to the XLPE to enhance its performance and make it suitable for various applications. In this process, the XLPE is combined with various surfaces or substrates to acquire additional properties.

Adhesive (Bonding process):

It is the commonly used process by PP sheet manufacturer in Chennai to combine XLPE with various substrates or surfaces. Firstly, a compatible adhesive is chosen and applied to the foam surface. It is then pressed against the foam ensuring that the foam remains securely attached and gets bonded strongly.

Lamination Process:

In the lamination process, the thin films such as fabric, foil, or any kind of polymers, are fused with the XLPE surface. It enhances the foam properties such as flame retardancy, moisture barrier, heat resistance, and aesthetic appearance.

Advantages Of XLPE:

  • Closed-cell structure
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Outstanding resistance to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.
  • Versatility
  • Customizable

Applications Of XLPE:

In the packaging industry, XLPE foam is used to protect delicate electronic components, glassware, automotive parts, and other fragile items during transit. Its shock-absorbing capabilities and ability to withstand impact ensure the safety of the packaged goods.

It is also used in the construction industry for thermal insulation in walls, roofs, and floors. The foam’s high insulation value helps regulate temperature, reduce energy consumption, and enhance building efficiency.

XLPE foam is also widely used in the automotive sector for sound insulation and vibration dampening. It helps reduce noise levels and provides a more comfortable ride for occupants.

Hence, these are the essential things you need to know about XLPE. Approach Total Packaging Solutions, the best PP corrugated box manufacturers in the city for premium quality foam profiles for your business.

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