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Whenever a first-time customer for your product receives delivery of the item, neither the performance of the product nor the features of the product are evident to them. Then what will make the first impression of your brand? Just like the salespeople in a physical store, the product’s packaging judges the brand. 

From the box to the design and logo on the packaging, each element of innovation works cohesively to deliver a memorable unboxing experience for the customers. Getting the best services from the best Packaging Companies In Chennai is essential to make the first impression, the best impression!

It brings up the core of this article. What materials to use for the proper packaging of the product—and how to get them right?

Why is eCommerce packaging a big deal?

The packaging can be critical in determining whether the customer will purchase from the brand another time. Hence ensuring proper packaging should always be the priority of the delivery department. Here are some reasons why it is important to do so:

1 – It influences the brand reputation

Delivering the product with unprofessional, insecure packaging and a damaged product is the fastest way to lose customers. A survey conducted by Smithers Pira revealed that around 58% of the customers would not buy a product from the same vendor again if the packaging is not proper.

2 – Safety

It is a primary function of packing. It safeguards the product from leaking, breaking, and wear and tear. It also protects the product from external weather conditions. In short, packaging holds the product together from the time it is packed in the warehouse till it reaches the hands of the customers. It is necessary that you need quality packages from your carton box manufacturer in chennai.

3 – Creates perception and free publicity

It has been observed in many studies that people tend to share more regarding the 

brand if the packaging has a branded label on it or comes in an innovative design. The research also points to the fact that many share new products that have good packaging. Thus, creating free advertising opportunities.

Types of eCommerce packaging

1 – Sturdy boxes

Wooden and plastic boxes are equipped to withstand much pressure and offer great protection to the product. It is the best option to ship high-end durable and sophisticated products to long distances. Ensuring the highest quality of packaging boxes from the best Packaging Cover Manufacturers in Chennai is essential

2 – Corrugated boxes

A corrugated box or a carton box has three layers. Both external layers are flat while the middle layer has a wavy texture to it. The layer between the outer walls protects the product. They are commonly made with cardboard and are capable of shipping items over a short distance. The Top Corrugated Box Manufacturers In Chennai would be very handy in making the best fit for the business.

3 – Double wall boxes

These boxes generally help in the shipping of heavy products over 10 kg to a maximum of 25 kg. These boxes resemble corrugated boxes but have double-layered walls, meaning, double-protection.

Commonly used fillings

Fillings keep the product inside the packaging from shaking much. It keeps the product stay put and protects it from breaking by absorbing minute shocks. Some of the filling popularly used are:

1 – Air pillows

They are inflated polyethylene bags that act as a cushion wedged between the product within the package. This minimizes the movement of the product, thus ensuring its safety.

2 – Bubble wraps

Bubble wraps are the most preferred infill in the packaging community. It is a low-cost infill that is very flexible, lightweight, and offers a great level of protection even to the most fragile product because of its multiple inflated bubbles acting as a soft cushion to absorb impact.

All the packaging solutions provided can significantly improve product safety and also enhance the customer experience whenever they get delivery of the product at their doorstep.

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