Shipping a product is a comprehensive task in itself. As the size and the number of products to ship increases, so does the complexity of the packaging process. Most companies put great efforts to ensure that their shipment is safe and secure to be delivered to its destination. Being careless or not up to the mark in regards to packaging may cost the business more than you can imagine. Therefore, it is always prudent to take help from any one of the Packaging Companies In Chennai for better packaging solutions. 

Here are some things to keep in mind while packing heavy and large products for shipping.

What problems would you face while you ship a large product?

Before we look at packaging solutions, it is important to understand why you might need them. Some factors that affect your regular flow of shipment if left unchecked.

  • Weight of the product – It is a fundamental step to make a proper decision on the packaging material in regards to the weight of the product. The packing must be good enough—Strong, in particular—to hold the weight of the product throughout the shipping.
  • Size – The packing must be appropriate to the shape or size of the product. Packages that are incompatible with the product are guaranteed to fail at any point in shipping.
  • Handling  – You must account for all the handling that happens for your product to move from Point A to Point B. It helps in deciding suitable packaging solutions to ensure nothing damages your product during transit.

Packaging solutions for shipping large and heavy products 

Now you have a fair idea of what can go wrong while shipping bulky items. But, knowing them would not do any good unless you do something about it. Therefore, here are some things to ensure while you pack heavy items for shipment.

Exterior packing items 

The external packaging is the first layer of protection and also the first touchpoint for any threats from the outside world. It makes does the majority of the job to keep the products safe while you ship them. Hence, they need to be in order. 

Carton boxes and PP corrugated boxes

It is essential to choose carton boxes in proportion to the overall size and weight of the product. They serve as a sturdy and durable option for safe shipping. However, it is a must not to overload products above the maximum weight-bearing capacity for the carton boxes. The packaging material must be sourced from the best carton box manufacturer in chennai to ensure the quality of the boxes in which you plan to ship your products. 

PP corrugated boxes offer much more flexibility than regular cardboard boxes. A pp box manufacturer in chennai can customize the boxes to fit the distinct needs of your product. PP corrugated boxes are also sturdier than conventional packages and light-weight. Thus, it makes handling easy for you.


Pallets help to maintain the position of the product stacked on top of it. It prevents unwanted movement and minimizes the shock or vibrations during transportation. They are a great option to strap your products whenever you need to lift them with a forklift. Both plastic and wooden pallets come in handy and it is up to you to decide which one works best for you. You need to buy quality pallets from the Plastic Pallet Manufacturers In Chennai to ensure maximum protection.

Interior packing items 

There are secondary packaging materials such as Bubble wraps, air pillows, and EPE foams that are a good solution to fill the empty spaces inside the packaging to keep the product in its place. It restricts movement inside the packing and ensures your product is upright throughout the shipping.

It is necessary to choose a suitable packaging solution no matter the product you wish to ship. But, it becomes a lot more essential when you ship large items. Ensure the utmost safety of your shipment by thoroughly discussing your needs with any packaging solutions company.

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