Packaging Cover Manufacturers in Chennai

Shipping is the bridge that fills the gap between the seller and the buyer. It is not an understatement to say that this step carries all the burden of building a successful business, and subsequently, to a renowned brand. In this process, corrugated boxes dominate more than 30% of the packaging business. Many companies reach out to the Top Corrugated Box Manufacturers In Chennai because it is economical, lasts longer, and environment-friendly.   

But, all boxes do not come in equal measures of strength and durability. They differ in the level of compression resistance and thickness of the material. Since it is an integral part of the packaging, they need to pass some of these tests outlined in the following sections. These tests will help you to check the quality of corrugated boxes for packaging purposes. 

1 – Burst strength Testing

The burst strength test is otherwise called the Mullen Test. This test rates how strong the walls of the corrugated boxes hold together under heavy pressure. The Mullen Tester clutches the package specimen in between clamps. Then a rubber diaphragm is inflated against the walls of the box till it bursts. It is helpful to assess the maximum load the package can bear before succumbing to pressure. 

2 – Edge Crush Testing 

Most of the Packaging Companies In Chennai suggest following the Burst strength test with an Edge crush testing. It determines the stacking capacity of the corrugated boxes. When the edges of the boxes are sturdy, they can withstand the added weight of the other boxes stacked upon them. It ensures that the base layer does not give in to pressure. This test applies vertical pressure to the edges of the box. Usually, all corrugated boxes have three layers. The middle layer has wavy patterns like grooves or ridges (called flutes) between two flat layers. The flutes contribute to the pressure resistance capacity along one side of the box. Therefore, Edge Crush Test gauges the maximum force that the carton can bear when stacked upon each other and shipped on pallets.

3 – Water resistance of the Sealing

The glue lining in the corrugated boxes is good as long as they resist external weather conditions. Long-distance shipping would typically expose the package to harsh climates. Most important of all, the package must be immune to rain to protect the item inside the box. So, the carton boxes are put to test. Submerging the carton package in water would reveal how far the glue bonds well and assess its capacity to absorb water.

4 – Paperweight and Thickness 

The paperweight, or in a more technical sense—Grammage, is crucial in determining the quality of the box. It is prudent to talk to your carton box manufacturer in chennai about the suitable thickness and the grammage you need for your current shipping needs.

Whenever there is a need to absorb more shock, a carton box with higher thickness is preferred. The flutes in such boxes are wide and accommodate more air, while thin boards have densely packed flutes having more grammage. 

5 – Box Compression Test

This test is similar to Mullen Test, but the whole box is used rather than a sample. It will bring out the maximum capacity that the box can sustain before it loses shape or completely goes under pressure. Container compression testing also helps to analyze how far the boxes can be stacked on top of each other without affecting the boxes underneath them.

All the above tests would show the quality and reliability of the carton boxes you wish to use in packing, storing, or shipping your products.

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