Cardboard Boxes

If you were to see the packaging of most of the products in the market, there is a high chance that it will be corrugated boxes. No shipping happens without corrugated cardboard boxes. Therefore, it is integral in a packaging solution. They are used because of their strength and protection. 

Most Packaging Companies In Chennai give due importance to carton boxes as they are widely sought after in the market. But, before you place an order to fulfill your shipping needs, there is a need to learn more about corrugated cardboard styles and flute styles. That is precisely the goal of this post. We will see the different types of corrugated boxes available and the flute styles.

Board styles  

Single Face Board

This type of corrugated box consists of two layers. First comes the fluting and then the liner. Usually, this type does not have much strength. However, they are used as an additional cushion layer inside the boxes.

Single-Walled Cardboard 

Single wall board is common in the packaging industry. If you ask for a corrugated box, your carton box manufacturer in chennai will probably pick up this type for you. That is the popularity of these boxes. In this type, a flute section is placed in between two cardboard sheets. It makes the box more durable. Therefore, they are mainly used as shipping boxes.

Doubled Walled Board

These types of boxes are extremely durable as they have two flute layers and three corrugated sheet layers. It is the reason why most Industrial packing use double-walled cardboard boxes. 

Triple walled board

Four liners and three flute layers make up the triple-walled cardboard. These boxes are so strong that they can easily replace wooden crates if the need arises. If your product needs extra care with handling or needs to transfer chemicals, the triple-walled cardboard boxes can be a great option for you to consider.

Flute types

All corrugated boxes have flutes. It is the wavy layer wedged between the liner. The nature and size of the flute add so much durability to the boxes. In fact, it is not an understatement to say that they provide most of the strength to the package. Here are some of the flute types that would be available in plenty with the Top Corrugated Box Manufacturers In Chennai

Alphabets denote the various types of flute profiles. The most used flute type is the C-flute. More than 70% of the corrugated boxes come with this flute.

A-Flute Carton Box

Type A would generally have about 36 flutes in them with an approximate height of ¼ feet. This flute offers high compression and adds to the stacking strength of the corrugated box. It is used to pack fragile items that need a bit of extra precaution. 

B-Flute Carton Box 

This flute style highly resists puncture very well than most of the styles. Another benefit is that these boxes allow for easy printing on the surface. They are commonly used as padding on the inner surface of the box. This flute type has a height of ⅛ feet and has 49 flutes.

C-Flute Carton Box     

With 41 flutes and a height of 11/64 feet, they make a great choice to ship glassware, food, and furniture. Like we already said, this flute type is pretty common in most of the packages.

E-Flute Carton Box

You would see most of the pizza boxes, consumer product packaging, and displays using this type of boxes. The thin structure of the boxes makes them compact and thus optimize storage space. These corrugated cardboard boxes come with 90 flutes and each flute would have a height of 1/16 feet.

F-Flute Carton Box

The high number of flutes (128) makes these F-Flute boxes more resistant to pressure. The surface allows for seamless printing of labels. The nature of their construction gives a sturdy box containing less fiber.

The choice of the carton box would make a huge difference in your shipping. Therefore you need to get high-quality products from the packaging companies. Contact Total Packaging Solutions for any corrugated box requirements. Apart from these, we are also the best pp box manufacturer in chennai

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