Packaging Solutions For Fragile Items

Fragile items need extra care and precaution on the part of the seller/shipper. It could be quite challenging as these items easily break under the tiniest shock or force. But, the changes in the packaging industry have made it possible to ship delicate items safely across regions and countries. Companies also spend a considerable amount of their resources on packaging solutions for fragile items.  The reason is that the company’s reputation depends on delivering products free of scratches, dents, and breaks. 

Therefore, as a business owner, it is crucial to talk with your packaging materials supplier in Chennai about your shipping and packing needs. 

In this post, we will provide you with packaging solutions for fragile items and help you with ensuring the safe transfer of such goods.

How to pack fragile goods for shipping?

As we established in the previous section, delivering goods with no damage would increase the brand’s credibility. After all, which customer would like to see a broken glass jar during unboxing? So, it is essential that brands carefully pack fragile items. Here are some solutions to do the same.

1 – Avoid oversized boxes

The product dimension greatly influences the packaging box. If you choose a box that is too big, there would be more empty spaces. It will make the product move within the case, paving the way for imminent damage. Therefore, consult your carton box manufacturer in Chennai and select a packaging that exactly fits or is only somewhat bigger than the product.

2 – Box-in-box method

Just to be extra careful with the shipping, you can double pack the fragile item. In this method, the product is placed in a box that is put inside a larger corrugated box. It would significantly increase the overall strength of the packaging and protect the fragile item from shocks and damage.

3 – Cushions

There are numerous cushioning options like bubble roll, packing peanuts, and EPE foam. These materials improve the overall safety to a great extent. We already saw above that empty spaces can be detrimental to the product. Hence, the cushion will cover the gaps and restrict the movement of the fragile item. They also absorb most of the shock if at all the product is mishandled or dropped. Thus, it is wise to follow the directions of bubble roll manufacturers in Chennai and get their advice on the choice of secondary packaging. 

What is the best cushioning material and why? 

In comparison to other protective cushions, Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPE foams) takes the upper hand. Let us now see why they are preferred over others.

1 – Flexibility 

EPE foams are very useful, especially if you are shipping odd-shaped items. The foam easily bends, twists, and turns to match the product dimension. Thus, giving complete protection to the product.

2 – Shock absorbent   

The structure and build of the foam give it exceptional shock-absorbing capabilities. Therefore, it is a reliable cushion to tolerate shocks and impacts upon its surface.

3 – Chemical-resistant

EPE foams protect the product from highly reactive acids and alkalis. This property makes them competent to offer the maximum safety to your product.

4 – Lightweight

Even though they are pretty sturdy when it comes to protection, EPE foams weigh less. It makes the transportation and the handling of this material quite easy.

5 – Effective Insulation 

Since EPE foams are not much of a thermal conductor, they provide extreme resistance to heat. 

The secondary layer of packaging is as important as the primary one. Therefore, get the best cushioning material from your epe foam manufacturer in Chennai to ensure the complete safety of the fragile goods.

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