There is a misconception that cardboard and corrugated boxes are the same. But that is not the case. Most cereal boxes come in this form of cardboard packaging. Corrugated boxes are the ones that go into making shipping cases. Since we are a packaging materials supplier in Chennai, we will share everything about the corrugated boxes and their styles in this post. 

What is a corrugated box?

In the shipping world, these boxes play a big part in enabling the safe transit of materials. A corrugated box is a sturdy container that is made up of two elements: liners and flutes. Liners are the flat material that is on the outer surface but also found inside in some box styles. Flutes are the wavy layer in between the boards. They are responsible for enhancing the overall strength of the box. All the layers work cohesively to secure the product during shipping.

Types of Corrugated boxes     

Generally, the top corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai do not stock one but different types of product packaging material. The decision of choosing these varieties would be on the shipping needs of the client. Here are the most common forms of corrugated boxes.

Slotted Boxes 

Regular slotted container

Whenever a client imagines a product package, it is usually this form of a corrugated box. In this container, every flap is of equal length. The outer flap is cut in half of the width so that they both converge at the center when closed. As said earlier, this container is widely used than other types. 

Half slotted container 

Picture the same regular slotted container but remove one set of flaps. That is what the half-slotted container looks like. Therefore, it leaves the top of the box open. HSCs are suitable for short-distance shipping.

Full overlap slotted container      

Similar to the regular slotted containers, all the flaps are equal in size. The only difference in this type is the outer flaps. They overlap to cover the whole width of the box. Staples are driven through the overlap areas to close the box. Since the overlap is tightly secured, the outer flaps are firmly in place. Since we have been in the market as a carton box manufacturer in Chennai for a very long time, we recommend this container as it offers enhanced protection and additional cushion to the product.

One Piece folder

This type of packaging is mostly prevalent in shipping books and printed materials. As the name suggests, this corrugated box is made from one piece of fiberboard that is creased and slotted at appropriate places to allow folding. 

Telescope boxes

They have a top and a bottom piece where the former stretches at least two-thirds of the bottom layer. In this box, the cover and the layer below it will fit together. These boxes are also referred to as trays.

Rigid boxes  

There are two similar end panels and a body layer that joins to create the dual sideboards, a flat bottom, and top layer. The joints of the board are made up of flaps and when they are sealed shut, the corrugated box becomes rigid.

Each type of corrugated box has certain benefits and it is up to the client to choose the one that conforms to their shipping needs and the nature of the product. Therefore, consult Total Packaging Solutions, a corrugated and pp box manufacturer in Chennai for any of your packaging requirements.

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