The shipping industry has seen significant changes in the storage, and transportation of goods. All thanks to the innovations in the packaging industry. To be specific, PP corrugated boxes have improved the way a company approaches shipping and given them a lot of advantages in the form of reduced costs and easy mobility. They are slowly reducing the need for wooden crates. So, why are PP corrugated boxes better than wooden crates? Since we are a pp box manufacturer in Chennai, we will share why you need to choose PP corrugated boxes for your shipping needs.

We will look at the benefits that your business stands to gain from using PP boxes for packing and shipping their products.

Wooden Crates

1 – Light-weight

Wooden crates weigh a lot more than PP corrugated boxes. Even though wooden pallets have their own set of advantages, it does not quite outweigh the cons. They are very heavy and bulky. Thus, wooden pallets need more manpower and effort to move. But, PP corrugated box is very lightweight due to its making. They are almost half the weight of a wooden crate. This quality makes them favorable to use than wooden crates.

2 – Longer life

Buying the best quality of these boxes from PP Woven manufacturers in Chennaiwould save the company’s packaging cost to a large extent. They do not require constant replacement and therefore, minimizing the expense is very much possible. Wooden crates are prone to insect bites like termites and cannot withstand external environmental pressure as efficiently as PP boxes. These plastic boxes are corrosion-resistant and immune to chemical reactions. Hence, PP boxes easily come above wooden crates in terms of longevity.

Wooden Crates

3 – Easy to handle

Almost all packaging cover manufacturers in Chennaiwould suggest getting PP corrugated boxes. It is because they are very easy to handle and do not need more manpower. Wooden crates would require a lift van but PP corrugated boxes will save resources and cost as they can be handled without any sort of advanced equipment.

4 – Storage

By nature of their structure and size, wooden crates take up more space and as a result, demand a large area. But, PP boxes need very less storage area. Five PP sheets can be easily occupied in the space of one wooden crate. It will greatly benefit the company as they can save a good amount of money on warehouse expenses.

Wooden Crates

5 – Easy to label

A Wooden packaging box has a rough surface that is not very viable for printing. Even if the surface gets printed, it would not be as effective as on a PP corrugated box. Using PP boxes will be very useful for a company to print their logo and other designs very easily. It makes the packaging more attractive than a standard wooden crate.

All these qualities of the PP box can work wonders for a business by reducing their shipping costs and giving maximum comfort while handling. Therefore, companies can invest more in these PP boxes to optimize their shipping process. Get the best products from Total Packaging Solutions. We are a well-known pp box manufacturer and as well as a carton box manufacturer in Chennai.

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