Bubble Wrap Or Foam What Should You Choose

Protective packaging material is a secondary packing layer that gives additional security to the product. It keeps the object from shocks and vibrations. Generally, every shipping company would either go for bubble wrap or foam. Both these material seems to be the same. So, what should you choose? The bubble wrap or foam? All packaging cover manufacturers in Chennai would have a wide variety of bubble wrap and foam as well. Therefore, you might be a little confused as to what would serve your purpose. This blog post will help you to understand the difference between these cushioning materials used in packaging.

What is Foam?

Foam is a tightly-packed material but is lightweight. It is made from a combination of different polymers like latex, rubber, and plastic. This material is very suitable to absorb a lot of shocks and prevents any abrasions. Foams are also known to serve as structural support for a product while it is shipped.

As a company, you must get the assistance of the best EPE foam manufacturer in Chennai for getting quality foams for protecting your shipments.

Applications of Foam

Foam is available in a wide range of specifications that make it easier for companies to choose one depending on their needs. Due to their instant availability, foam is very versatile and used across many scenarios. Since foam produces less static electricity, companies use this material to pack electronic items.

Foam packaging comes in many forms. For instance, a company can buy it in rolls and cut them based on their preferences. Mostly, foam is dust and lint-free, which makes it non-abrasive. This property of the foam enables the safe packing of glass, metal, and polished wood. Foam planks serve as a reliable cushion for any shipment.

A company can also use foam sheets that are available to them in pre-cut dimensions. It is used to wrap an item or weave in between products for extra protection.

When to use foam packaging?

Foam packaging is suitable for glassware, kitchenware, and polished surfaces. You may even consider this packing in case the product is susceptible to shocks and vibrations. Consulting a packaging materials supplier in Chennai would be helpful before considering a specific type of foam packaging.

What is bubble wrap?

In simple terms, the air is trapped inside little cells that look like bubbles. These bubbles act like cushions and minimize the impact force on the product. Since it is made from plastic, it can resist moisture to a certain extent.

Types of bubble wrap

Generally, there are three types of bubble wrap available with bubble roll manufacturers in Chennai. The most common bubble wrap used is the 3/16” cushion to protect the surface from dents and scratches. If the product is large and heavy, then the 5/16” bubble wrap is used. It offers more shock absorption and better protection for the product. Finally, the ½” bubble wrap is typically used in an industrial setting for large machinery.

When to use bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap can protect fragile items, collectibles, and mirrors. It is best used during moving to pack durable products. Apart from this, bubble wraps are also utilized as void fills.

The choice of using bubble wrap and foam is in the hands of the company. Both the materials have their pros and cons. So, a wise decision has to be made concerning the shipment in question. Get in touch with Total Packaging Solutions. We are one of the top corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai. Our experts will serve all your packaging needs.

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