The packaging industry is the backbone of a brand. Why? It is an integral part of the final value transfer process. No matter what efforts a company put into their marketing, everything will pay off as expected only when the packing of their product is up to the mark. It is the reason why many companies seek the best packaging cover manufacturers in Chennai. Since the need for packing is on the rise, there are many emerging trends in the packaging industry recently.

There is no denying that the packaging sector influences the other segments of the market. All these trends will reinforce the same idea and give an insight into various opportunities for a packaging business to further develop its reach.

1 – Rise in E-Commerce

packaging cover manufacturers in Chennai

Online shopping has always been part of the current generation. However, the pandemic has shifted every business and its customers’ mindset. E-Commerce is popular now more than ever. Therefore, this has increased the need for packaging as well. Businesses are looking out for cost-effective packing solutions to meet the demands of their customers.

All online retailers need corrugated boxes to ship their products. Hence, the top corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai are playing an important role in supporting E-commerce players.

2 – Digital Printing

Digital Printing


Digital printing is an innovative technology by itself. Many industries use it. Of late, the packaging industry has embraced digital printing for various purposes like customer engagement, brand identity, and providing information on the package. Gone are the days of blank packaging boxes. Now, every shipping business tends to use digital printing to distinguish itself from other brands in the market.

3 – Recyclable and environment-friendly packaging

There is a growing concern to protect the environment among many people. Since the usage of packing has significantly grown in recent times, there is a lot of waste being generated each day. It calls for more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging material. Many companies are now doing away with materials that can cause harm to the ecosystem.

Polypropylene boxes are currently in high demand as they offer enhanced durability while also being eco-friendly. On the other hand, corrugated boxes are also used to ship items locally or regionally. Get the best quality PP boxes from PP woven manufacturers in Chennai to ensure both the protection of your product and the environment as well.

4 – Customized Packaging

EPE foam manufacturer in Chennai EPE foam manufacturer in Chennai

Companies are now focusing on capitalizing on the first touchpoint with their customers. The customer who walks into a store will only see the package, and only when it is attractive, would he consider buying it. This mindset of the customers has led to the emergence of custom packing.

The package is tailor-made to fit the needs of the company and made to look different than standard boxes. As a result, they tend to be more attractive and have higher functionality than others. For example, if a company’s product has an unusual shape, the standard box would be of no good. Therefore, customized packaging can easily incorporate any innovative elements into its design.

Your company can also use all these emerging trends to get a competitive edge in the market. Total Packaging Solutions is an exceptional corrugated, PP, & EPE foam manufacturer in Chennai. Get the best quality packaging solutions and products from us today!

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