Essential Packaging For Consumer Durable Goods

The consumer durable goods industry is one of the major contributors to our country. An increasing number of purchases have led to a spike in another industry. It is no wonder that the industry is none other than the packaging sector. Irrespective of the goods, every company needs the assistance of packaging cover manufacturers in Chennai. These are products that the consumers will use for a very long time. Therefore, the goods transported must not have any damage. This blog post will outline some essential packaging for consumer durable goods to ensure the total safety of the product.

Need for packaging in consumer durables

Most durable goods weigh more and are bulkier such as washing machines, furniture, microwaves, and refrigerators. These products have to reach the buyer without damage. Consumer durables undergo a lot of stress during transit and handling. Therefore, packaging must ensure safety at every step of the process.

Hurdles in ensuring safe packaging

1 – Resistance to shock and vibration

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Constant vibrations and shocks are always part of consumer durables transportation. Right from the moment it is stacked in the warehouse to the time it is delivered to the customer’s doorstep, there are many instances where the package is prone to mishandling.

As a solution, companies use sturdy corrugated boards like double and triple-walled boxes or PP boxes to safeguard the inner content from dent and scratches. A company must choose a reliable carton box manufacturer in Chennai to get the best quality packing material.

2 – Safeguard from moisture

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The quality of any product would be compromised if it is exposed to moisture. It is a serious cause for concern to most shipping companies. Moisture would pave the way for rust, corrosion, and other contamination. So, a package must prevent moisture at all costs. Companies use PVC cling films and BOPP tapes to safely wrap the product and protect it from moisture. Small and delicate products are put in corrugated boxes after they are wrapped. An extra layer of plastic sheet lamination is done with the help of plastic sheet manufacturers in Chennai. Therefore, the external layer will provide added security from moisture.

3 – Static electricity protection

Static electricity can affect the quality of electronic items. To minimize such risks, anti-static bags will be used to counter any effects of static electricity. Anti-static covers are nothing but plastic bags with a metalized silver film layer. It is mainly used while packing computer equipment, microwaves, and refrigerators.

4 – Safety from mishandling

A product might be accidentally dropped while loading. There is no need to say that it can damage the product. Therefore, quality cushioning like bubble wraps from reputed bubble roll manufacturers in Chennai. A company should also ensure that the empty spaces must be filled up. Otherwise, the product would keep shifting inside the box.

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Packing consumer durables can be a challenge since there are a lot of elements to take care of. Paying attention to everything at the same time would be difficult for a company. Therefore, the assistance of an expert in the industry is a must. Total Packaging Solutions, a well-known carton & PP woven manufacturers in Chennai will address all your concerns and provide you with cost-effective packaging solutions.

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