How Can You Save Costs On Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated packaging is widespread in the shipping and packing industry. You are most likely to find it in use more than any other packaging materials. The properties of the corrugated cases enable them to perform with high durability and versatility. There are numerous choices available with packaging cover manufacturers in Chennai and their price varies based on these factors like dimensions, type of flutes & joints, thickness, and compression strength. In addition to the factors that increase the price of the box, the customization, the number of colors, and printing type also add to the cost. In this blog post, let us understand how can you save costs on corrugated boxes.

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Cost-saving solutions

Since so many factors are at play, getting the best price for the corrugated boxes can be challenging. However, when a business looks closely at certain elements, they can certainly cut down on their packing cost with more optimized packaging solutions.

1 – Know your needs

Businesses would order packaging materials from their carton box manufacturer in Chennai and pay no more attention to it later. However, it might dent a company’s profitability without being obvious. As the product of the company changes, so does the need for better packaging solutions. Once you analyze your needs and try to find simple ways to minimize your requirements, it will translate into reduced costs.

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To explain it better, let us take an example. Assume a primary pack comes with fillings. It will reduce the need for protection or cushioning in the tertiary package. Therefore, this step becomes an easy but effective way to reduce costs on extra void fills.

2 – Look for options in the market

Research is always the driving force of any business across all industries. Therefore, look into the various options that are available in the market that can be a worthy alternative for the existing material. Only when you go deep into the packaging industry, can you identify simple solutions that offer you the same advantages but at a lower cost.

A major portion of your work will be done when you consult your corrugated and PP woven manufacturers in Chennai. You will gain good insights into the latest packaging ideas and expert opinions on how you can save costs on your corrugated boxes.

3 – Try different packaging methods & dimensions

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Even a small change to the way you pack the product can save a considerable amount of money. Trying different arrangements and packaging dimensions can remove any additional space that was previously unknown to you. For example, stacking the products in a certain way can create more space. And more space would mean more units in a single box. Hence, a slight change can drastically reduce the costs.

4 – Prefer standard size boxes if you can

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Unless your product needs customized packaging, choose standard size since they are cost-effective. Standard boxes are available on a large scale because of their widespread use. Hence, they are economical and will suit your needs. All packaging material providers will have standard sizes like 3” x 3” x 3” and go all the way up to 40” x 48” x 36”.

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