Essential Shipping Supplies You Need for International Shipping

Winning customers for your business comes down to this one element: Packaging. Just wonder what would happen when customers open their shipment and see that their prized possession is in pieces? Packing is very essential as it is the final step of the value delivery process. It becomes more important during international shipping. This blog will highlight the essential shipping supplies you need for international shipping.

The first step involves combing through the list of packaging companies in Chennai and selecting the company that can address all your packaging needs.

Why packaging is crucial for international shipping?

The time taken to reach the customer or the destination is very high. During this timeframe, the product is exposed to a lot of external forces that might damage it. So, you require the best freight shipping supplies to enhance protection. Businesses like you can benefit greatly from the support of Total Packaging Solutions. We render customized packaging products to enable safe shipping.

Essential Shipping materials

Here are some packaging materials that improve the safety of the product and also enrich the user unboxing experience.

1 – Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are very popular in the shipping industry. A vast majority of businesses use this material to transport their goods. These boxes are very reliable for shipping fragile objects. While sending your products abroad, you should know one thing. Standard boxes may sometimes lack the features that your product demands. Therefore, consult your carton box manufacturer in Chennai to customize the box according to the product’s size.

2 – Bubble wraps

When your packing calls for additional cushioning materials, bubble wraps are the go-to product. During transit, the item tends to move around if there are empty spaces. It helps to keep the product secured to a spot and minimize its movement inside the box. The bubble layers absorb the shock without passing it on to the product. Get in touch with any one of the reputed bubble roll manufacturers in Chennai for high-quality bubble wraps.

However, you should not overstuff the package with cushions as it may increase the weight of the shipment.

3 – Plastic wraps

Plastic wraps are tear and tamper-proof. They are very useful to transport gift items, artworks, and furniture. These wraps act as an additional layer of protection on the surface. It will keep the product safe from scratches and keep it intact. Total Packaging Solutions is among the best plastic sheet manufacturers in Chennai. We can guide you with all your packaging needs.

4 – Packing tape

This is one of the must-have business shipping supplies. High-quality packing tapes will secure the box and ensure that the package does not open. The best way to pack is by using the H-taping method to cover the flaps on all sides.

With the right packaging company, you can ensure safe shipping at the lowest cost possible. Total Packaging Solutions renders quality products for businesses that conform to international standards. We will help you discover new and safer methods of shipping. Consult our experts today!

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