Effective Ways For Improving Compression Strength Of The Carton Box

The primary aim of a carton box is to ensure the safety of the item packed inside it. The compression strength of the box is a direct indicator of how well can the material render protection. Hence, each carton box manufacturer in Chennai produces carton boxes with great compression strength to meet the quality demands of the market. This blog will list some effective ways to improve the carton box’s compression strength for better protection and durability.

Compression strength as a benchmark

In recent years, many factories have changed their focus from gauging the broad quality of the carton box to zeroing in on various tests to assess the physical strength of the box. Even many MNCs have shifted from bursting test to compression strength as a benchmark for the quality of the box.

Methods to improve the compression strength

1 – Optimal dimensions

Many data analyses have pointed out the relation between the box dimensions and the compression strength of the carton box. As the circumference of the box increases, so does the compression strength.

Optimal dimensions

In general, the length to wide ratio is about 1.8 to 1. Here, the impact of the dimension on the compression strength is ±5. So, when the aspect ratio touches 1.2 to 1.5, that’s when the compression resistance is very high. In the same manner, when the ratio increases to 2:1, the strength takes a hit of up to 20%. Therefore, the optimal length to width ratio should be within 2.

2 – Stacking method and stacking duration

The compression strength reduces when the stacking duration increases. It is called the Fatigue phenomenon. If the boxes have been stacked for more than a month, the strength decreases by 30%. When this duration crosses a year, the boxes will have only 50% of what they had initially. Therefore, the top corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai produce boxes that have a higher circulation time to prevent the loss of compression strength.

Stacking method

How the boxes are stacked also impacts its sturdiness. Many test results show that the force in the vertical direction is higher than the horizontal pressure. Also, the pressure on the corners was the highest of all. The bearing force on the box was low on the point furthest from the box angle.

Hence, it is best to align the corners of every box for better stacking power.

3 – Carton Openings

Carton Openings and closings

In some boxes, there might be holes or gaps for easy handling. It will also impact the compression strength of the box. Studies show that the resistance is greater when the size of the hole is large. Also, the compression strength will be low if the hand hole or ventilation hole is closer to the top or bottom. So, a hand pull on both sides of the box will reduce the compression strength by 20%.

Therefore, most manufacturers reinforce the inner walls of the carton with an additional layer to reduce the pressure of the opening on the compression strength.

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