Corrugated Box Sustainable

We rely on our environment for survival. Most of the resources we get come from nature. Therefore, sustainability is a must. It enables humanity and nature to live in harmony. A corrugated box is the most sustainable material on earth. The recovery rate of corrugated boxes has been over 90% over the last eight years. The fibre recovered is recycled to manufacture new boxes and other products. It is the reason why the corrugated box has 50% recycled material.

As a carton box manufacturer in Chennai, we strive to make our operations and products sustainable. In this blog, we will share why the corrugated box is sustainable.

The need for sustainability

Every business is looking to reduce its carbon footprint in the world. It is evident even in the shipping and packaging industry. Companies are doing away with non-biodegradable options and utilizing low-cost, environment-friendly materials.

So, the packaging industry has turned to corrugated boxes to achieve its goal of sustainability.

What makes corrugated boxes sustainable?

1 – Economical

Many businesses rely on corrugated boxes because they are cost-effective. It is very light in weight and can be customized depending on business needs. Therefore, material waste is limited. All the materials used are self-sufficient, which is why the costs are low. Their lightweight packing also has decreased the shipping and handling costs.

2 – Reusable

As mentioned earlier, corrugated boxes eliminate waste. It both means upfront waste elimination and after the product’s usage. A business can easily reuse corrugated boxes. The core elements in making corrugated boxes are minimal. Moreover, the material is designed to be collapsible and used multiple times.

3 – Energy-efficient

Recycling corrugated boxes influence energy consumption as well. Since they are created using recycled materials, the energy required is minimal. They are also made from locally-sourced recycled raw materials. Hence, the freight charges for manufacturing is comparatively lower than imported products.

4 – Multi-functional

Corrugated boxes have a wide range of applications throughout their life cycle, from packages to transportation to exhibiting the product in-store. Thus,  it serves as a cost-effective and reliable material. Corrugated packaging can be used for storage or to protect the product even though it has completed its journey.

5 – Recyclable

This industry has the highest recycling rate for any packaging material. The fibres obtained from corrugated boxes can be recycled a maximum of 25 times. It makes corrugated boxes very environmentally friendly. 

6 – Renewable

Corrugated packaging is sustainable and self-sufficient, as it is made primarily of trees and recycled materials. This industry can entirely rely on itself because it is made mainly from renewable forests. Manufacturers can also use woodchips and waste materials from various paper-making processes to make this packaging.

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