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A business would look for the best ways to reduce costs on their packaging budget, especially when the nation is suffering widespread supply chain problems. It has pushed raw material prices. And there is a worldwide shortage. So, many businesses are looking at the list of packaging companies in Chennai that can provide them with cost-effective solutions.

Hence, the first thing that companies do is assess their packaging needs. They come up with simple yet innovative solutions to crack the code for lower material cost and better profitability.

Do you still wonder how that’s feasible? This blog will answer a few of the questions you have in mind.

Cost-effective packaging solutions 

At first, it might seem like an arduous task. But, as you get down to the basics, you will find ways to reduce material costs. Here are a few things you can try out. 

1 – Try different container shapes

For starters, you can try changing the container shape. It has a direct impact on the packaging size and material. For instance, a bloated container takes up more packaging material than a slim container. And more material means more cost. Nowadays, there are endless options to choose from. So, you should experiment with many styles and find what suits your product the most.

You should select the package that takes up less space and weighs less. It can significantly reduce your cost.

2 – Downgauge your packaging material

If you cannot change the container, then downgauge the packing material. Try using thinner materials instead of thicker ones. Many companies have begun to follow this strategy. As a result, they reduce waste, lower cost per unit, and sometimes, they even pass on the savings to the end-users. 

For instance, if you think the primary packaging is sufficient, you can have thin material for the secondary packaging.

This strategy does not require any investment in new machinery or costly upgrades. So, with this simple change, your company can save resources and improve profits.

With that said, you shouldn’t downgauge without consulting the top corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai. Otherwise, it would be tricky and lead to more problems. 

3 – Minimalist packaging

Minimalist packaging has emerged as a fan-favourite of consumers. It is safe for the environment. Even though its bio-friendly nature and popularity are reasons to purchase this, you should buy it for another reason: Cost savings. 

Instead of using four materials to pack, you can reduce it to two. You can also play with other elements of minimalist packaging, like reducing the colours to two from four or simplifying the container design.

Besides cost-saving benefits, your brand can also stand leagues apart from your competition using this strategy. Minimalist packaging is elegant and often stylish.

Sometimes, this style would not suit your business nature. Even though it is not widely applicable, it still has the potential to save packaging costs.

Such tweaks would convert into huge savings. However, you need the assistance of Total Packaging Solutions for effective implementation. We understand the different dynamics of your business and render quality packaging solutions for you.

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